Towards the end of 2011, 3 individual groups in Leisure Bay and Glenmore decided they had to do something about the high crime rate in our area and started investigating ways to do something about it.

During November 2011 the 3 groups became aware of each other at a meeting held by the SAPS to discuss sector policing, and it was decided to call a public meeting which was duly held in the Community Hall.

A further meeting was held where a committee was elected to investigate the legal aspects, affordability, modus operandi, communication, etc. This was followed by discussions with Gary Bicher of GP Security, Chubb, SAPS and other Neighbourhood Watches.

The first Newsletter was published in February 2012. The feedback was positive and the committee could then go ahead and structure the initiative around all the info and feedback at hand. Various ideas were tested until we found what we believe is a winning recipe.

We have employed SAPS Reservists which are on duty 24/7 patrolling the village on foot or on bicycles, supplemented by SAPS vehicles on an ad hoc basis. They are in radio contact with SAPS and the committee. We also have a good relationship with

G P Security in our area, as well as with SAPS.

The above factors all contribute towards bringing the crime rate down and this we have certainly achieved. SAPS reports indicate a 60% drop in crime in our area, and the letting agents also are experiencing a drop in cancellations and /or people cutting their holidays short out of fear or concern for their childrens safety